After Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy can sign a doubled Razzie / Oscar !

Melissa McCarthy has won the Razzie for Worst actress on Saturday in Los Angeles, and could gain the Oscar for Best actress that night. Metropolitan FilmExport / Fox Searchlight For his performance in The Wife and his seventh Oscar nomination, Glenn Close (who has not yet been awarded at the high mass annual hollywood) is the favourite for this Sunday evening. But for a few hours yet, Melissa McCarthy has hypothesized the possibility of joining the very exclusive club of artists recognized with an Oscar AND a Razzie Award the same weekend. For the complete list of Razzie Awards, 2019 Awarded the Razzie Award for Worst actress this February 23, for his performance in Carnage in the Puppets and the Life Of The Party, the american actress is in effect at the same time vying for the Oscar for Best actress for her role in Can You Ever Forgive Me?. In case of victory, it will be a sign and a doubled rare since the launch of the Raspberries of Gold in 1981, succeeded by only three other talents in the past : the composer Alan Menken, academy award for Best original song for Aladdin and the Razzie for the Worst song for Newsies, in 1993 the writer Brian Helgeland, the Oscar of the Best adapted for L. A. Confidential and the Razzie for the Worst-case scenario for Postman in 1998, the actress Sandra Bullock, Oscar for Best actress for The Blind Side and a Razzie for the Worst actress for All About Steve in 2010 Carnage among the Puppets trailer VF on the side of The film, only Wall Street has managed to impose in the two ceremonies in the same year : the feature film won a Best actor Oscar for Michael Douglas and a Razzie for the Worst supporting actress for Daryl Hannah in 1988. Attract the praises of the Oscars and the Razzies is not so rare for a film, and many productions (listed here ), have typed in the eye of the two Academies over the years. Voters were sometimes even pushed the “vice” up to nominate feature films in both events… for the same performance ! This was the case for Only When I Laugh (Worst and Best actor in a supporting role for James Coco in 1982), Yentl (Best and Worst supporting actress for Amy Irving / Best and Worst music* in 1984) That’s Life (Best and Worst song in 1987) or even The Wings of hell (Best and Worst song in 1998). *the movie gave the last of his three Oscars for Michel Legrand For the anecdote, one can also note, among other things, that Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Oscar for Best screenplay for Rocky and the Razzie for the Worst-case scenario for Rocky IV and Rocky V, or that Pat Morita got an Oscar nomination for Best supporting actor for Karate Kid and a nomination for a Razzie Worst supporting actor for Karate Kid 3… for the same character, so. Can You Ever Forgive Me? Trailer VO The Oscar nominations 2019 Finally, Halle Berry (Oscar for in the shadow of hatred, Razzie for Catwoman) to Eddie Redmayne (Oscar for A wonderful history of the time, Razzie for Jupiter, the fate of the universe) by way of Al Pacino (Oscar for The time of a weekend, Razzie for Jack and Julie) or Marlon Brando (Oscar for On the waterfront and The Godfather, Razzie for The Island of Dr. Moreau), note that some of the biggest names in hollywood are successively passed through glory in the one and then the other ceremony. A reminder, sometimes scathing, that nothing is ever won in the City of Angels. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… But so goes love”, tweeted with malice Dwayne Johnson a year ago upon learning of the win the Razzie for Baywatch. Certainly the best of philosophies. It’s the #Oscars and Hollywood”s biggest night!
So let me go ahead and take this “L” right on the chin for Baywatch.
Win some, lose some.. but hey, that’s the way love goes. @RazzieAwards #Baywatch 💩🥪 #AndTheWinnerLosesOn — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) march 4, 2018

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